Web Design

Every website we create is a product of smart and strategic thinking. The result is a design that is simple yet attractive and the one that aims to give your business the critical web presence projecting your image in the best possible way, to as many potential customers as possible and in turn bringing in as much business as possible.

GenWeb's core process for Web Design is built on three strategies:

1. Information Design
The organisation and structure of the content on your site that is both informative and strategic.

2. Interactive Design
The usability of the website to give the visitors of your site a pleasant experience.

3. Graphic Design
The look and feel of the site that is in accordance with your business requirements and identity.

We look at your Web needs from each of these three perspectives. From what we learn, we are able to recommend solutions with best possible outcome and huge potential.

Site navigation, page layout and up to date information are all factors in creating and managing a successful Web presence for your business, and each is a specialty of GenWeb.


Content Management System

GenWeb's Web development team has designed an easy to use content management system (CMS) that gives you the control of your site's content. This in effect helps you to manage an up to date, informative and successful web presence.

Our content management system can be customised to your specific need maximising your sites potential from just managing content to incorporate e-mail marketing campaigns and business messaging solutions through SMS.

It is the backbone of several websites delivered for our major technology partner ThreeBeez Pty Ltd.


Search Engine Optimisation

Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) is a significant aspect to consider when coding and writing content for a website. Our coders use semantically meaningful HTML and industry best practices to maximise SEO on your website. We create alt tags and header tags, recommend proper title tags and page names, and write relevant and targeted meta-tags. Using key words and key-phrase rich content, we increase your search engine rankings and help you reach a specific audience.

Our content management system also gives you the capacity to write relevant and targeted meta-tags enabling you do your own basic search engine optimisation.

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